Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Addendums...or "Addenda," I Suppose

Just quick hits today:

• My guest co-hosting gig on the Power Source podcast is up. Click on the link to download.
• One thing I should have mentioned in yesterday's "Getting Better At D&D" post: The "make a bunch of characters, just so you feel the decision points" exercise is worth doing even if you're the Dungeon Master. If you're the DM, try doing the classes at your table at one of those benchmark levels: 5th or 11th (or 21st if you're in the deep end of the pool). You'll learn a lot of character nuances that have been obscured from your view (and you might catch some player shenanigans, too).
• I think I mentioned this when we were recording the Power Source podcast, but it's worth noting that in a cooperative game like D&D, getting "better" at doesn't directly improve your play experience. I've seen countless tables of noob D&D players--both casually and from behind the two-way mirrors at WotC--and they're extracting just as much enjoyment out of the game as an expert player...even though those junior-high noobs are doing it wrong.

Out of Context: Humbug, shoe kid! Humbug!
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  1. In middle school a friend and I played 1-on-1 D&D. We didn't own the books but the school library had the core set. We were allowed to check out one book at a time and mostly we ended up with either the DMG or the MM.
    Neither of us owned a set of "Dragon Dice" so we used D6s for everything.
    One distinct memory I have is that we would each buy 100 guard dogs and like 50 owls. We'd send the critters into the room in the dungeon ahead of us so we could see what monster would appear.

    It was endless fun.

  2. Glad to see another XX fan. However since they are getting so popular they are going to be hard to see in a small venue! - The article was good too.

  3. Caught your guest hostage on Powersource. Read all of your blog (yep, all -- I like your writing, but I guess I'm happy you didn't write something every day in 2009!)

    Now that I'm all current feel free to write once a day for 2010 :-)