Thursday, September 3, 2009

PAX and Aion stuff

Some PAX news of note. Well, of note to me, anyway:

• I'll be speaking about "Aion and the Evolution of the MMO Genre" at PAX at 1:30 Friday in Wolfman Theater. (Awrrrrooooooo!) Come by to listen, ask questions, or just collect giveaways.

• Also at PAX, we'll be giving away some copies of the Aion comic book, which I helped write. (And seeing how DC goes about its business? Fascinating.) has the details here.

• You'll find me in the Aion booth Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, if the current schedule holds.

I have my share of unfettered time at PAX this year, so I'm seeking advice. If you know of a game (any platform, any genre--I'm an omnivore) that's particularly cool, post a comment below and I'll check it out. Don't assume I've played a game already--there are certainly gaps in my gamer "life list."

Out of Context: Three hours of sleep is OK, if you get the one rare hour and the two uncommon hours.
Music: Sonia Dada, Barefoot Soul


  1. I wanted to go to PAX so badly, I live really close but I really wasnt sure I could go until it was too late! So live vicariously for me and see if there is any information about TERA for me.

  2. you need to check out scribblenauts for sure!
    Anyone who is familiar with the open ended play you get from D&D will adore the type of freedom you have in this game. I'm sure youll love it dave!