Thursday, March 5, 2009

Starting over in Warcraft, and three optimistic things.

I've been playing a ton of World of Warcraft lately. So--fair warning--expect a lot of posts about Warcraft in the next couple of days. (I've got a list, ya see.) 

And some D&D stuff, too. When you've been a professional writer (of sorts) for years, you can kinda feel when you've got a productivity spurt coming. Expect me to type a lot this weekend and next week.

In the meantime, here are three things that let me connect with my inner optimist.

1) I think one of the smart dudes at wizards shared this essay with me several months ago. Gin carts! On the streets! And I've seen my own three-year-old and six-year-old behave like the little girl in this essay.

2) Chairs in the sky, man. the sky!

3) This youtube video. It's kinda plodding (though I like Jeff Lynne's voice), but hang in there until the dude in the red hat shows up about three and a half minutes in.

Out of Context: From Spencer Hall of the Sporting News: "You probably like your airline pilots and heart surgeons sober, too, you pack of tiptoeing nervous nellies. Hate on, safety freaks. Rex is leaving town, and he's doing it on a flaming train of bikini-clad hotties with the devil's breath at his back, and he's not using the brakes until he hits something full of money and victory."
Music: Saga, "On the Loose"


  1. "Dude" in the red hat is loosely defined, eh? Fun post.

  2. The youtube comments give the surprise away, but it's interesting how they (mostly) kept the royal redhat out of the camera's eye until just before he takes center stage. It's clear they intended a surprise.

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