Friday, January 16, 2009

So this is the new year...

I find I miss blogging, and thus this little spot. On an every-other-day-or-so basis, I'll blog about games (especially D&D, World of Warcraft, and various German board games), stuff that inspires games and game design, and (like any blog) whatever fuels my sense of caprice and whimsy.

I used to work for Wizards of the Coast as a game designer, and while there I was among their more prolific bloggers. (You can see all that stuff here.) I imagine this blog will have the same general tenor as that one. I am by no means a super-blogger, but I'm reasonably regular. When I worked at Wizards, I'd often crank out a blog post first thing in the morning as a writer's warm-up before digging in on the design tasks for the day.

And writing is what I do, so once again my blogging will probably serve as some light calisthenics before I get to work on other things.

Out of Context: "I guess I'm a magnet for floods now."
Music: Jeff Buckley, Grace


  1. Check your facebook. :p

  2. Lunchtime conversation with a co-worker who is a regular roleplayer and a tiny bit of google and eeek -- i know you, only I know you as a VERY scary bear.

    Hope you find a fun next job.